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(Chris Hardwick cringes, Jessica Chobot groans, while Kevin Smith shakes his head in agreement.) Kevin Smith: I had that. On the other hand, some believe that it should be mandatory for all baby boys to be circumcised. Jerry: So Kristi, I have to ask you now, is this baggage you want to handle? Scott: I have never seen one Drew: Well I don't want to show you right here Scott: No it's okay.. ' the cast, sitting in front of a studio audience, replied with a variety of funny answers. Mr H: An' just leave your foreskin for the Foreskin Fairy. In fact, this image has an uncomforatable similarity to the emasculation of the late David Reimer during his circumcision. From what I've heard that my friends said, as long as they're clean...

Kevin Smith: I was always, like, "Why is mine different? Lucky, I guess." (TV3, New Zealand) Mon, "Separated at Birth" 14 minutes Official summary: "These circumcised men say they are amputees, and that having no foreskin has dampened their ability to feel sexually the way non-circumcised men do. I would tell you if I had an extra flap over my clitoris. I'd be like, "you're going to encounter a wizard - keep going, take this compass. I had met a guy at a bar and he was French, so I should have known but I didn't know he was actually French, I thought we were both wasted and faking the accent you know..... (mimes pulling out a string of scarves) It's highly doubtful he ever wanted to have sex with her again after that. She says "you should cut it off" because "this is what it looks like". I'd kind of want to see it so i can judge for myself. Actually it's pretty cool and pretty sexy in the bedroom because I can spice things up and I can put jewelry on and i have an example of a hoop that can go there. (The sketch does not return to circumcision, but the image of the circumcised penis as being like the disfigured face of the Phantom is powerful.) A "reality" show in which a camera follows a series of blind dates, and captions and doodles are superimposed over the participants. When the man cuts a cigar, a caption appears: "Cigar is now Jewish! I'm not kidding, the doctor....before the finger test, he checks out your junk to make sure everything..... Experts say it's hard to figure it out because most of the diamonds were uncut. (audience laughter) A lot of people like uncut jewels. So, my captain still wears his cap to dinner." Zach (holding up a photo of a pantomine donkey costume): Do you remember the plotline of this? It was something about I was the teacher from another country and you were kids. Zach: No, the plotline of this horse is so really bizarre. But, they wanted him to go in the donkey costume with the hot, sexy cheerleader played by Gwyneth Paltrow. Zach: And then, he sees her beautiful bottom and he freaks out because he can't tear his stitches by getting an erection. The scenario is not uncommon [sans donkey costume or Gwyneth Paltrow], yet nobody questions that the skin should be so tight post-circumcision that it is in danger of tearing.

We look to the Jews in Hollywood to reflect our own images--our experiences and challenges writ large, in a public prominence that our daily lives lack.

And when those iterations of the larger Jewish us make choices that seem easier, that makes us question everything.

The 42-year-old actor stepped out at panel event for the show on Monday night (March 26) at The Paley Center for Media in New York City.

(Jen gets up, goes to the door and calls.) Jen: Adam! He acts out the baby being strapped down, "then WHAM!

Garden State resonated too, with us in our hearts and with most people we know, including members of our family.

We'll even go out on a limb and say we'd probably love your whole mishpocha, too.

For those of us with Jewish tradition at the centers of our lives, for those who restrict our soulmate searches to the tribe, even if it takes us interminably longer, each such union reminds us of how difficult we're finding it, and of how much easier it would be if we were more open.

We think about the ways in which we restrict ourselves and wonder if we're making the right choice, or if it's truly a choice at all.

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