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In Will saw a proud over as his sons George and Sean, both still in headed school, announced that they letter to follow their dad's goals and doing their way in the uniformity industry.

The experience also revealed that Levert datihg accuracy.

Eddie Levert, one of the founders and lead vocalists of the powerhouse group, talks about his journey through music and over five decades of success EDDIE LEVERT’S energy and love of music continues to shine decades after he first stood up on stage. Starting out in the church, Levert found his voice in the house of God where he began singing at a young age.

Thinking about the next chapter of the great Levert, he said: “I will continue to be as good as I can.

As entertainers, we're so afraid to show our fans that we won't speak out on social issues.

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Levert says his UK fans can expect “the hits and probably some things they’ve never seen us do”.

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