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Validating schema

My most recent project, however, is entirely form- and data-driven and I needed a way to easily handle front-end validation. Joi is a validation library that allows you to build schemas to validate Java Script objects.

And what that generally means to me is Joi provides methods to easily validate common data types, such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Let’s take a look at an example of some data: property on form fields themselves for extra security.

The address field, however, required additional consideration.

For example, why show the user fields concerning credit card debt if the user selected “No” to owning any credit cards?

Our validation should follow the same logic — only validate certain fields when other criteria is met. In this specific case, the items are an object but this method can support any combination of comma-separated Joi schemas.

When exposing REST or HTTP based service APIs it’s important to validate that the API behaves correctly and that the exposed data format is structured in an expected manner.This particular project consisted of multiple forms with general information fields — the user’s name, address, e-mail, and phone number.These fields are pretty straight forward and quite fittingly so is the validation.In this quick tutorial, we’ll take a look at how we can validate a JSON response based on a predefined JSON schema.The initial REST-assured setup is the same as our previous article.

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I’ll be honest, despite all of my experience as a front-end developer I haven’t had a lot of projects that dealt heavily with forms and data.

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