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Updating text file in java

The Java IO API provides two kinds of interfaces for reading files, streams and readers.The streams are used to read binary data and readers to read character data.reading file line by line, adding them into a list and finally returning the list to the caller, but after Java 7, it's very simple now.You just need to use the F Similar to the last example, you should specify character encoding if it's different than platform's default encoding. Again, use this trick only if you know that file is small and you have enough memory to hold a List containing all line of the text file, otherwise your Java program will crash with Out Of Memory Error.It accepts a String path to file or a will access the file just one time to read the same amount of data.I am using an 8KB of the buffer, so in one call I am limited to read that much data only.In this example as well, I am reading the content of the file into an array.

It allows faster reading because of internal buffering provided by Buffered Reader. File Reader access the file or disk everytime you call the class is also a good example of Decorator design pattern because it decorates existing readers e.g.Many Java developer uses etc to perform useful operations.If you are not familiar with functional programming and Java 8 see Java SE 8 for Really impatient to learn more about basics of functional programming with Java 8 syntax.This is mostly the case with small text files as for large file you will face Prior to Java 7, this requires a lot of boiler code because you need to use a Buffered Reader to read a text file line by line and then add all those lines into a you should remember character encoding.If your file is not in platform's default character encoding then you must specify the character doing explicitly both while reading and converting to String.

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The only difference between the previous examples and this one is that the are present from JDK 1.0 and JDK 1.1 version.