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Updating new zealand passport

But her health has deteriorated & may only have weeks to live ! I am a NZ citizen and a permanent resident in Australia living in a retirement village. I plan on visiting NZ for about two weeks Nov/Dec for my brother's 90th birthday (Dec 3rd) and again in mid Jan 2017 for a grandson's wedding and stay about six weeks. I have a valid Australian passport , but my NZ passport is expired 3 months ago.

Hi , I am a NZ citizen living in Sydney and i'm heading home for xmas. Cheers :) Been away from NZ for a very long time except for visits to family so contacts with old friends etc is not really possible. Hi, My family and i have been in Melbourne since 2012. Because of the earthquakes will this be possible to renew now and will we get them before they expire?You might want to check on whether you can simply renew your NZ passport or if you need to reapply for a new passport.It depends on how long it's been since it expired. Hi Anna, I'm planning to travel abroad but my NZ passport is expired.Becos I had proof of a close family bereavement in NZ and my flight was booked that evening (to fly with other family members) they waived the 3 day requirement and processed my application that day!! You will have the passport within 3 days, which for those of us who've been here awhile is absolutely amazing. Just want to ask, I am a New Zealand passport holder but its already expired long time ago and I'm now planning to apply for Australian Citizenship.Been here in Australia since I was 10 and now I'm 44.

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Thanks Vicky To answer many of the questions: Here it is again for those who are NOT READING my advice!