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The folders become categories on the GPS that make the list of scrolling through files much shorter. Your computer and device may be one of those that have problems with Express. Garmin Map Updater PC: Map Garmin Map Updater Mac: Map Because Garmin Express is displayed as a window with a fixed size in Windows and Mac OS X, certain resolution requirements must be met in order for the window to fit on the screen. Adding this up, it is obvious that a unit with only 2 GB of memory can not contain the entire map.

Using a single POI folder One advantage of running POILoader on a single folder with sub-folders like the following is that the files will be in folder and alphabetical order. Close the window * Once the web browser can consistently communicate with the device's memory or micro SD/SD card the DLC download should complete. Select a resolution equal to or greater than 1440 x 900 (hold the Option key when clicking Scaled for more options) The Dock may need to be moved to the left or right side of the screen if changing the resolution does not resolve the issue: 1. Generally if Express will not launch, it might be caused by a corrupt config file on the computer. Currently, the latest North American map (2014.2 at this writing) is 1,715.0 MB; the basemap is 49.3 MB; and the 3D map is 186.4 MB.

If bmps are not being loaded at all, the gpi files in your two experiments will be the same size. Touch Import Routes The device will now import the selected routes.

If the gpi created is larger for the Custom POIs loaded with icons, then the icons are being loaded (but apparently not being seen by you on the map). The routes that were imported can be found in the Routes option under "Where To? Allow time for the device to automatically import the trip/route The import will automatically begin, but no message will appear on the device indicating that the import is happening and may take several minutes to import the trips.

Unit will not accept .mp3 files The early GPS units had .mp3 players built in. You can do this by using Media IO (to convert one format to another, say .mp3 to .wav) 3C.

At some point Garmin decided that the expense of licensing the ability to play .mp3 files was not profitable. It has been said that the file must be PCM, 44.100 k HZ., and 16 bits, Mono and that a stereo wav file will not work.

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(see "Can't get rid of POIs" above) David King reported that if you are using no sub-folders (ie.

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