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Updating microsoft explorer

Unprefixed version: Microsoft Edge build 10240 View Changelog: Build Number 10240 An evolution of the Content Security Policy specification, allowing developers to create a whitelist of sources of trusted content, and instructing the browser to only execute or render resources from those sources.

Blob() constructor also can take Array Buffer View directly rather than constructing a blob with Array Buffer.

This will allow web developers to opt into the various aspects of the pipeline, allowing for UA optimizations.

Introduces cascading variables as a new primitive value type that is accepted by all CSS properties, and custom properties for defining them.

Roadmap Priority: Medium — Development is likely for a future release.

Allows a server to instruct the user agent to upgrade insecure requests via a Content-Security-Policy header.

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Unprefixed version: Microsoft Edge build 10532 View Changelog: Build Number 10532 Specifies a gradient where the color stops are placed around the circumference of a circle.

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