Updating iphone sdk

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Updating iphone sdk

The fallback value will only be returned if an error is encountered-- for example, if the feature flag key doesn't exist or the user doesn't have a key specified.The call will automatically create a user in Launch Darkly if a user with that user key doesn't exist already.Once the flags have been polled for the first time, the SDK will always use the latest stored flag values thereafter.method allows you to record actions your users take on your site.To perform real-time updates in your app, your base class will need to conform to the method of the protocol is also called (with the specific flag key) when a flag value is changed.If more than one class relies on Launch Darkly’s feature flags, we recommend you post a notification in this method, in a manner similar to the following: When the app is backgrounded, the i OS SDK does not receive real-time events.

To allow background fetch for flags in your app, just add the following code in your If your app is used by multiple users on a single device, then you will want to ensure that each user has persistent and personalized flag settings.Anonymous users work just like regular users, except that they won't appear on your Users page in Launch Darkly.You also can't search for anonymous users on your Features page, and you can't search or autocomplete by anonymous user keys.Once the SDK is installed, you'll want to create a single, shared instance of . The attributes you specify will automatically appear on our dashboard, meaning that you can start segmenting and targeting users with these attributes.In addition to built-in attributes like names and e-mail addresses, you can pass us any of your own user data by passing Most of our built-in attributes (like names and e-mail addresses) expect string values.

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If you want to dig even deeper, our SDKs are open source-- head to our i OS SDK Git Hub repository to look under the hood.