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Updating gentoo profile

You may of course emerge any other packages you want etc. Weekly auto-updating is (by default) active, but there is a week's grace after upgrading before the first auto-update is run.

Good luck, and please drop me a line ([email protected]) if you experience any problems.

Note that keyboard shortcuts for audio will also work, but they require the audio mixer plugin to be installed in the panel (as it is for etc.

just like a regular image user - the binhost supports both. The image files may be fetched via the links in the Downloads section immediately below.

Once this completes, rebuild your entire system for profile 17.0.

Reboot your RPi3 - it should come back up successfully (with the Xfce GUI running again).

If you would like to upgrade an existing, older version of this image to v1.2.2 (rather than just downloading and using the latest v1.2.2 image directly), please see below.

Changes in this release (see main project page for further details): This is a significantly different release to the previous v1.1.3, not so much because of the applications it contains (although these have been updated), but because it is built on a newer Gentoo profile (17.0) than before (13.0).

The following short-form instructions have been tested and verified to work, when starting from a 'vanilla' 1.0.2 release image.

Obviously, you'll need to modify them to account for any changes you have made yourself (different installed packages etc.) Warnings about possible file collisions may be ignored - it is just the installed packages overwriting your existing (as-yet-unowned-by-any-package) versions.

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In 1999, Daniel Robbins released Enoch Linux, the ancestor to our modern-day Gentoo.