Updating an couch

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Updating an couch

Then I found the sofa we have now at Salvation Army for 5.00. The fabric isn’t faded, stained, snagged, or ripped. Oh, I tried stuffing them with batting (like you can see in the photo above)–but then they were just a stiff, bulky mess.

It was a neutral color in a classic shape, so I bought it. They looked OK when I’d fluff them up and beat them into shape, but with the dogs always wanting to lie on the top of them, they usually look pretty terrible.

I’m strong, and I’ve held up well under three kids and those two little dogs. They still haven’t forgiven her for getting rid of the brown chair–and they gave her no end of grief when she replaced him with that green retro number she thought was all that. They love to work themselves down into my cushions and sit there for hours.

I know my back cushions are a disappointment to her. I give them a good perch from which to watch the street.

(How do you think I ended up in the Salvation Army thrift store?

) It’s true that I’m an old dog of a sofa–but I’ve got years of good use left in me. And I hope Rita will think long and hard before dumping me.

Dying to update your sofa, but can't stomach the idea of buying an entirely new piece or paying big bucks for a reupholstery job?

Where’s the line between healthy and unhealthy compromise? How many years should I give to a sofa I can’t really be happy with?Go for seasonal colors, new patterns, or something sparkling like the West Elm Sequins Circle Pillow Cover ().Keep reading for another least expensive choice, plus two other ideas for updating your tired old sofa!It wasn’t super-stylish–that skirt screams –but it was way more comfortable than the sleeper-sofa and the price was right. A perfect match is a fantasy, and I needed a couch for the real world and our real life. The last time I needed to wash the cushion covers, I just gave up and threw the batting away.It was too much trouble for a poor solution to the problem.

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