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Participants’ community group participation and perceptions of their own importance in the community (community mattering) were assessed, each using a single item.Population density was taken from the local Census data and school poverty level was derived using the percentage of students receiving free and reduced lunches.Rates of violence and abuse are similar for teens in same-sex relationships, according to data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health.

While findings of teen dating violence rates based on gender remain inconsistent, research suggests that girls seem to suffer disproportionately from severe violence in relationships (i.e., physical and sexual assault).Your boyfriend/girlfriend may become angry and violent, even if they have not been violent in the past.Teen dating violence is an especially troubling public health issue given its high prevalence, and the research suggesting that early relationship behaviors often set the tone for future adult relationships.Much research has been conducted investigating individual and relational factors as predictors of dating violence, however, the examination of broader community factors is lacking.The purpose of this study was to examine the school and community characteristics that may serve as risk or protective factors for dating violence (DV) experiences.

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For DV victims, feeling important to one’s community predicted lower levels of depression and academic failure.