Speed dating roommates

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The concept for these free biweekly events is simple: register, then upon arrival at a designated bar, don a tag that alerts others to whether you have a room or need a room, as well as your budget and location.

So I started casually browsing cruise ads for roommates.

Summer events are more highly attended, as the demand for housing becomes greater.

At a recent event I attended at a Midtown bar, I was surprised to learn that Speed Roommating was not exactly what its name implied; the event doesn’t follow the form of speed-dating in which you are matched with appropriate partners for an allotted amount of time and then told to switch to a new partner.

This Meet Up is to help you find your perfect match to live with.

Imagine the kinds of questions that get asked at a Roommate Speed Date: How annoying is your dog? It’s funny, too, because the roommate relationship is such a crucial one — after all, you share living quarters and often see each other every day — but it’s also one that we so often leave to chance or the vagaries of Craigslist.

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Some daters swear by speed dating, so I was intrigued to hear about Speed Roommating.

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