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When you do ask them out, you have that base of familiarity and interest that makes saying “yes” feel completely natural and easy…

unlike Johnny Rando who just popped into your Facebook messenger. You’re just taking time to get to know somebody before you ask them out on a date.

These guys are demonstrating that they have no respect for the group or its members. At their worst, they’re disruptive and ruin the vibe of the group and drive people away.

Even groups based around relationships and sexual activities – like poly social groups and BDSM munches – have issues with people who assume that it’s the perfect place to find a hook-up instead of just hobnobbing with like-minded folks.

At, say, an anime club or a Meet Up for people who love stand-up paddle-boarding, there is , not finding someone to come test the durability of your mattress springs that night.

The expected and appropriate behavior is entirely different.

You build up social capital – not in the PUA sense but in the sense that people will get to know you as a fun person who’s worth getting to know.

He’s demonstrating interest in getting to know her as a – before you start angling for a date actually works in your favor.They show up and burn out because they’re focused on getting laid ASAP.But while there To start with, guys who just show up and immediately start hitting on people make women uncomfortable.Most PUA schools teach various forms of “Day Game” – that is, meeting women out during the day, rather than at night in bars – and nine times out of ten, the only difference between the Day Game and Night Game approaches is the choice of venue.In fact, some of the techniques for “day game” are even Similarly, guys who treat an activity club or a convention or Meet Up group as their own sexual salad bar end up creeping out and alienating women and ultimately chasing them out of the group entirely.

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