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Row cannot be located for updating some values delphi

They wear no armor but make up for it with increased mobility.Priests and Priestesses are clerics militant, crusaders advancing the cause of righteousness with arms, armor, and arts thaumaturgic.Even if the rumors of the amulet's powers are untrue, you decide that you should at least be able to sell the tales of your adventures to the local minstrels for a tidy sum, especially if you encounter any of the terrifying and magical creatures of your dreams along the way.You spend one last night fortifying yourself at the local inn, becoming more and more depressed as you watch the odds of your success being posted on the inn's walls getting lower and lower.Recently, you have begun to find yourself unfulfilled and distant in your daily occupation.Strange dreams of prospecting, stealing, crusading, and combat have haunted you in your sleep for many months, but you aren't sure of the reason.

Dwarvish armor is said to be second in quality not even to the mithril armor of the Elves.Knights are distinguished from the common skirmisher by their devotion to the ideals of chivalry and by the surpassing excellence of their armor.Monks are ascetics, who by rigorous practice of physical and mental disciplines have become capable of fighting as effectively without weapons as with.It is late at night, so you make camp at the entrance and spend the night sleeping under the open skies.In the morning, you gather your gear, eat what may be your last meal outside, and enter the dungeon... Your goal is to grab as much treasure as you can, retrieve the Amulet of Yendor, and escape the Mazes of Menace alive.

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Your abilities and strengths for dealing with the hazards of adventure will vary with your background and training: Archeologists understand dungeons pretty well; this enables them to move quickly and sneak up on the local nasties.

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