Rituals of dating in america

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That's why here I won't describe the religious part of the wedding.

Brides married in Colombia have long white wedding dress. Colombian bride often puts a coin in her shoe as a symbol of her wish not to get into situation where she would be without basic stuff in life.

During the wedding reception all single persons put one of their shoes under her dress. In parts of Colombia the bride and groom are covered with "mantilla" which shows that their marriage is lived under one roof.

In Chile the wedding rings are also exchanged at the engagement.

Each guest gets little object which serves as kind of "souvenir" of the wedding.At the wedding reception in Ecuador bride and groom give their parents special presents.Such presents are usually objects bride and groom used when they were children.An old person makes a speech reminding the couple of their duties in the marriage.The elders bless the couple immediately after the wedding ceremony.

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As a result, teen culture flourished: High schoolers spent more time with their friends, up to four nights a week, and less time with their families, according to Weigel.