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These licence plates may take up to 12 characters compared to the current eight.

To date, such a scheme has not been introduced, as it would further encourage the use of private vehicles which contradicts the efforts by the state in discouraging the usage of private vehicles.

Car owners have up to 24 hours on the following day to purchase the e-licence.

First-time offenders may be fined up to ,000 for failing to display a valid day coupon or using an invalid day coupon, and up to ,000 for using an altered day coupon when their vehicles are used during the restricted hours.

For now, there is a thriving trade in the sale of number plates that have significant digits (i.e., lucky numbers) or letter combinations like SGD.

For numerals less than four digits, additional zeroes are added in front as placeholders, for example "1" is "0001".

Parents Orientation (Optional)Sunday 12 February 2017. First Year Student Orientation Dates Monday 13 February – Thursday 16 February 2017First Year Student Curriculum Approval Date (Subject choices) Friday 17 February 2017 Late Registration Late registration is not permitted and you must obtain special written permission from the Registrar if you plan to arrive late due to an emergency.

If for any reason you are not able to register by 17 February, without permission being sought and granted, please do not arrive at Rhodes University, as your offer will have been cancelled and you will have to make plans to return home immediately.

There was no checksum letter, for example, SG5999, similar to vehicle registration plates of Malaysia.

When the checksum letter was implemented, these plate numbers were given checksum letters as well, for example SG5999 became SG5999Z.

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