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“But it gets difficult when there could be a government involved. But it’s difficult to counter, because the powers are pretty limited.” An FA Spokesperson said: “be IN are a valued international broadcast partner of The FA.We take issues of piracy seriously and support be IN with their anti-piracy efforts.” As well as the FA Cup the last few months of the 2017-18 Premier League season were also pirated by be Out Q.They say: The same template as the home shirt, but with a black and dark blue colour scheme. A slightly gothic interpretation of the home shirt we all know and love. The nicest kit at this year’s World Cup and destined to be worn at Boiler Room sessions from now until 2046. Unless you’re writing the solitary word ‘BORING’, that is.The football kit equivalent of Late Night Hollyoaks. They say: White with red trim, with the nation’s flag running down the centre. They say: Predominantly white, with a bold blue and red graphic print subtly inspired by a tiger pattern and the Taegeuk symbol.‎ Dawlat Qatar), is a sovereign state located in Western Asia, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.Whether it should be regarded as a constitutional or an absolute monarchy is disputed.They say: An eclectic combination of bright green, white and black in an especially bold design. Our verdict: Much better, although it does look a bit like a crayon wielding toddler has been let loose on the new England shirt. They say: Manufactured by Nike, with a white base with blue for logos and a modern knit pattern on the front. They say: Produced by Adidas with a traditional colour scheme, inspired by the iconic home shirts worn in the 1970s and 80s. If it’s good enough for James Rodriguez it’s good enough for us.Our verdict: About as inspiring as Iain Duncan Smith. They say: Red all over with a subtle St George’s Cross motif across the front. It has a bit of a pattern thing going on across the front. They say: Predominantly royal blue, with bright orange trim and a jazzy pattern down one side of the shirt. Colombia right up there with Germany for the best pair of shirts in the business.

Our verdict: Will look great on Luka Modric if he can keep himself out of prison long enough to wear it. Our verdict: Nothing to write home about, to be honest.

A diplomatic row means all 64 matches of the World Cup will be shown in Saudi Arabia on a pirated service, after a sports channel in rival Qatar, which owns the broadcast rights, was banned.

The extraordinary situation arose following a spat between the two countries last June which led to be IN Sports being caught up in a trade ban between the two countries. They say: The last ever Umbro kit for the country – Marathon Sports take over next year. They say: A classic effort that draws inspiration from the 1993 Copa America strip, coincidentally the last time Argentina won a major title.

Instead the content will be available via a pirated feed on a channel called be Out Q, which is ‘geo-locked’ so only internet users in the desert kingdom who pay £80 for decoder boxes can access it.

be Out Q broadcasts exactly the same transmission as be IN, with the same studio pundits, only with a ten second delay and the be Out Q logo superimposed.

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