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Add in the .44 cap-and-ball revolvers and we have a long but workable list of .44s for this volume.

So with all this in mind we begin at the beginning in 1847.

The same year as this battle another momentous occasion took place hundreds of miles north in Hartford Connecticut as Sarah presented her husband Christopher with a son they named Samuel.

Three years later another Samuel was born and both Sams were destined to cross paths.

One of those Rangers was Sam Walker who would write of the revolvers to Sam Colt, "The Texans who have learned their value by practical experience, their confidence in them is unbounded, so much so that they are willing to engage four times their number. J C Hays with 15 men fought about 80 Comanche Indians, only attacking them upon their own ground, killing and wounding about half their number.

I do believe I like .44 much better than .43 as it almost has a sixgunning spiritual ring to it.

For our purposes here we will consider any firearms to be a .44 if it is called such or it uses bullets of the size normally used in the firearms considered to be .44s.

The earliest .44 sixguns were the percussion revolvers from Colt and Remington; these sixguns which were and are considered to be .44s used round balls measuring anywhere from .451 to .457 in diameter.

Strangely enough the Ruger Old Army, which uses the same size round balls, is cataloged by Ruger as a .45.

Colt's first cartridge firing revolvers, the Cartridge Conversions and the 1871-72 Open-Tops were chambered in .44 Colt which used a heeled bullet of .449-.451 in diameter.

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My rule of thumb when reloading any .44 cartridges is to use the largest diameter bullet which will fit the chamber mouths in the case of a revolver, and the largest bullet which will feed and chamber in a rifle.