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In the country's Muslim north, 12 states have adopted Sharia, with punishment for gay sex including lashings, jail and death by stoning.

So far no-one has been sentenced to death and convictions are rare.

Bisi Alimi was the first gay man in Nigeria to come out on national television, later seeking asylum in England.

He returned to Nigeria to support these men in court.

Akin* and his team conducted 25 HIV tests that night — they all came back positive.

He spent a night in lock up where he says he was "beaten with a stick, hammer and plywood"."There was a hall in the police station premises and they gathered us and stripped us and said we should sleep on the floor."About 70 people were arrested that night, but according to Akin about 30 men were able to pay between and for police to let them out.

His NGO — Access to Health and Rights Development Initiative — was at the hotel conducting HIV tests for some of the patrons on the night of the arrests.

Nigeria has the highest rate of HIV in west and central Africa, according to the United Nations, with an estimated 3.5 million people infected with the virus.

For 23-year-old Femi*, a night out celebrating a birthday with friends ended with a month and two days in jail because of his sexuality.

He says that had local media not found out about the arrest the police would have been paid off and "the boys would be home"."These are poor gay men.

Class and economic power play a part here," he says.

Days after the hotel arrests, the Lagos State Attorney-General Adeniji Kazeem said the tough stance taken with the men was to help put "a stop to the exploitation of under-aged children" by gay men.

But Doyin*, 15, says no sex with minors took place.

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Doyin was in jail for seven days before he was released, but unlike many, he wasn't fazed by the consequences."My parents know I'm gay. This is what I choose and they say I should live my life," he says."I don't have feelings for women. A gay is a human being [and that's] why I'm bold."For Tunde*, the consequences were foremost in his mind."The police came through and started beating us so I covered my face because I didn't want my mum to know," he says.

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