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Already early in the work, after the death of Temuchin's father Yesugei by poisoning, a convincing demonstration of female leadership is given.

When the authority of the wife of Yesugei and mother of Temuchin, Hoelun, was challenged by some of her deceased husband's rivals, the Tayichi'ut clan, which had been part of the congregation of tribes for whom Yesugei had been the leader.

Adding to this muddle has been a confusion between social roles and sexual characteristics and appearances.

As will be understood, there is an acute need for wisdom and understanding between the sexes both in the organization of private and public life.

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In recent times, relations between the sexes have been beset by much disorder, brought about by various factors, among them the existence of gender roles which have their origin in economic structures that appeared during the Industrial Revolution and its destruction of traditional communities where the woman had a more weighty position in society than she was to be allotted in what we call modern civilization.

Later on it is described how the advice of his wife Borte was determining in his decision to break the alliance with his anda (blood-brother) Jamuqa, whom Borte suspected of plotting against Temuchin.

This was no small thing to do, since this is a spiritual brotherhood that according to Old Mongol tradition is more binding and obliging than any family tie.

When it comes to legislation, it may be mentioned that before Chingis Khan, extramarital affairs were generally punished by death, but only the woman was liable to be punished and executed.

Borte also drove home the decision to execute the shaman Kokochu Teb Tengri, who tried to assume political power by instigating rivalry between Temuchin and his brothers.

The Secret History contains many more direct and indirect examples of this Mongol high regard for women.

Nevertheless it would be a major mistake to infer that the Mongol society of the 1200's was inappreciative of female wisdom and that women did not wield authority.

On the contrary, women enjoyed a substantially stronger social position among the Mongols than what was the case in the civilized and more male-dominated states of Persia and China.

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