Married dating sight

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Married dating sight

You go on honeymoon, you move back to the apartment they rent for you.You’re now living with a complete and utter stranger, which is fine, and the camera crew pop in once, twice, three times a week to talk to you to see how everything’s going, but that’s it."I felt like there should be more to it.

Clark met - and married - Melissa for the first time, surrounded by family and friends (and a camera crew! Although the general public were rooting for their relationship, Clarissa didn't get their happily ever after.

I didn't see her in that time at all - the last time I saw her was in October 2016, when she left me in the flat in Milton Keynes.""You have to let producers know when you want a divorce - budget was already set aside for it.

The money was already in place when they put the bid in for the programme."You have to legally be married for a year before you can apply for a divorce, so I had to wait until June 19 2017 before I could apply for a divorce.

They were just doing their jobs.""They asked me in the questionnaire to define 'my type', and you have to detail the height you like, body type, tattoos, all these sorts of things.

I put high on my criteria that they had to be at least 5ft 5” to 6ft, and Melissa is 5ft. So I did feel like they hadn’t really matched us on my criteria."We both think we were matched with other people before and they pulled out half way through the process.

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In fact, following their honeymoon in Ibiza, a six-week stint in an Airbnb in East Finchley (paid for by Channel 4), and a month move to Milton Keynes, Clark asked for a divorce at the end of September 2016.“All of the contributors who apply are fully aware at the application process of what the programme is and are matched by experts on a range of criteria.