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It shows that they hold you in great esteem, have a huge amount of respect for you, and see you as a very precious part of their lives.

However, although the top notes are all there, the bottom notes are somewhat lacking.

The meaning behind pet names Want to know what your pet name says about your relationship and how your partner views you? #1 “Boo“ or “shorty/shawty.” This one has popped up quite a lot in recent years and seems to be a favorite of the rap and hip-hop musical community.

However, the same community is also known for referring to women as b***es and h**s.

[Read: 36 sweet and cute things to say to your boyfriend] #8 Nostalgic pet names. A variety of different kinds of pet names, from the traditional to the creative to the cute, shows either one of two things.

This refers to a pet name that hearkens back to an earlier experience or conversation that you had together, and shows that your partner has thought very carefully about your pet name and about you yourself. Most commonly, it can display your partner’s awareness of what a pet name could mean to you and how it’s important to keep you interested and feeling special by alternating them. If they haven’t got a pet name for you, then you are probably wondering why.

It isn’t quite as dismissive a term as “boo,” but it does still betray a certain lack of serious intent and a somewhat casual level of appreciation.

It does show that they are attracted to you, but shows that your physical merits are probably more important than anything else you have to offer.

Pet names are terms *usually, but not always* restricted to a single word that would be considered over-familiar and/or a bit soppy in a wider context.

They tend to reflect affection and love, and because of their rather personal nature, tend to be used behind closed doors.

Some pet names can be quite traditional in manner or quite creative, but whichever is chosen, there is lot more behind them than a simple throwaway sentiment.

If this is the kind of impression you’re happy having your other half associate you with, then no issue is to be had.

If, however, you’ve mistakenly thought that this term is a modern, hip, and happening variety of the usual kind of pet name, then I really have to put you in the picture.

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Sure, they want to cater to your every need and spoil you at every opportunity, but there’s not much in the way of passion in how they view you.

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