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Pam Green stereotypes me, of course, just like the author of the article. So when I state that in my experience, a higher percentage of Jewish women have ridiculous expectations, grossly distorted senses of self worth, outrageous double standards and the like, that’s my opinion.So here is a clue, which will bounce off your armor. When I object to a female writer stereotyping Jewish men, that’s my sense of fairness.But the Internet, for all of its wonders, poses challenges to civilized and constructive discussion, allowing vocal—and, often, anonymous—minorities to drag it down with invective (and worse).

Might have been written in a humorous style, but the underlying assumptions are the same old crap from a pissed off woman, and who needs to deal with being denigrated all the time? Then I came in and read “…Black Swan, a documentary about what goes on in the repurposed Hebrew school classroom where everyone has to get dressed for the spring ballet recital at the JCC.” Rachel Shukert, I will treasure that sentence forever.And shall he build Jerusalem in England’s green and pleasant land? For you see, I speak not on this day of Its Highness, the Royal Fetus, currently slumbering in the churning miasma of the Duchess of Cambridge’s middle-class womb, but of another child, with a lineage no less rarefied than that of the infant who will eventually reign over him (or half of him, anyway): young Henry Weisz-Aronofsky.Last week, this perfectly innocuous photograph of him sent some of my male colleagues at Tablet HQ into a death spiral of self-doubt and erotic terror. In said photograph—which, I reiterate, to my regret, is not Kate Middleton’s sonogram, although I’ve heard that when that surfaces, Beatrice and Eugenie will be required to curtsy to the blurry computerized image—Henry, being a small child and therefore rightly in need of some sort of adult supervision in crowded international terminals, is accompanied by his mother and stepfather.My observations come from a distinctly different perspective, made even more distant by living in Seattle, not exactly a hub of Jewish culture.So remarks like this just reinforce my reluctance to date Jewish women: I don’t need the aggravation, and I refuse to pay the high price demanded for sexual access.

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(Natalie and Benjamin Millepied, the French ballet dancer with the Bauhaus tattoo right above his pubic bone …