Jamaican sexy chat bon iver and kathleen edwards dating

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She told us that she already knew we would call back even if my purpose was to get more information (well that was my purpose).I think that what made our minds was the fact that the lady mentioned "the most extraordinary and intense sexual experience of her life".It consisted in throwing the dices (one by the wife, one by the husband) and the resulting numbers will be the number of black men the wife would make love all together or in a couple of evenings. I suddenly gasped as I realized that no less than 6 black men will do my wife in an evening. She told us that these guys were especially selected because of their bodies, the size of their dicks and the ability to come several times impressive volumes of cum.She asked us to think about it and after a while, I paid the lady and we prepared to throw the dices. They were coming from Jamaica, surrounding Caribbean, the Bahamas and even from the states.

My wife said, even before I could say something, that she will take the risk. She told my wife that these guys would make love to her for at least 4 to 5 hours and, each of them, cum several times in or on her.We said yes and I sarcastically asked her if this was some sort of local habit with tourists or what.We learned that she was from Quebec and started to speak in french.She was rubbing her tits and ass against them and laughing.And she was apparently not embarrassed of doing this in front of the customers of the bar.

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And without even letting her answer she asked her if she wanted to try and have, I quote "the most intense and extraordinary sexual experience of her lifetime that would reach her pleasure level to limits she didn't know even existed".

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