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Is alison krauss dating robert plant

What is it that you’re doing right, and why have the other guys lost it? The company I keep is very empowered, humorous, creative, and energetic, and there’s an enjoyment in stretching the parameters of what we do.

Well that’s a really provocative question, young man, and you must go stand on the naughty step. We’ve been on the road for a year, just playing around the planet, which gave us the opportunity to be quite selective about the ideas that we pursued [on this album]. Oh, yeah, I wouldn’t do six weeks of festivals in Europe if I didn’t like it.

"We'd recorded and played shows through the last however-many years," Krauss said "But we were all surprised at the number of years it had been since we made a whole album. Thanks to award-winning "Raising Sand" (2007), a collaboration with former Led Zeppelin singer and legendary Robert Plant that went platinum leading to six Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year.

She also went on a tour for two years with Robert Plant and "Raising Sand" producer T-Bone Burnett to support the album.

That album went on to win two Grammy awards in 2008: One for album of the year, and another for best contemporary folk album.Culturally and socially, I’m sure it’s just a very pale reflection of what it might have been. There are so many Americas, and I didn’t really know which America I was in.The album opens and closes with your versions of “Little Maggie,” a Stanley Brothers song from the '40s. It helped cement the friendship that Alison and I share, but it was very funny and very bad and very wrong. You know, Whole Foods is more of a dating agency than a shop.You recorded a version with Alison Krauss for 2007’s Raising Sand. I tried to sing it in a traditional, Smokey Mountain Tennessee way, a yee-haw way. ” At other times, it’s just them keeping people up to speed on what’s going on. I have a friend in Austin who said he saw you shopping at Whole Foods. If you’re gonna go shopping for food in Austin, go to Fiesta, the supermarket with a difference.So Alison had to pick herself up off the floor because she was laughing hysterically. But I didn’t forget the song, and we tried it again for this album. If it’s a little bit oblique, or about something you wouldn’t expect, then I guess it must be me. You recently moved back to England after a couple years in Austin, Texas. I was very fortunate to enjoy great friendships in Austin, which I sadly miss. You can get a pork enchilada there whilst picking up some British tomato ketchup and some teabags, and you can do the whole transaction in Spanish.

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I love touring — especially now that we have Juldeh Camara, our West African guy in the band. It’s all confusing when he keeps calling me “uncle.” A term of endearment, apparently.

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