From dating to diapers

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From dating to diapers

We are all looking to raise our kids in the way that helps them discover their gifts, learn to put others first, make wise choices, establish moral boundaries and have an authentic faith of their own. We see the trajectory of our kids choices and our work as parents.

It is the task of parents to teach kids how to live today with tomorrow in mind.

This means that we consider the cost and the benefits of both our yes’s and our no’s when it comes to the permissions and restrictions we give our kids.

Currently we have a span of 18 years from oldest to our youngest who is 2 (Of course that is set to change near the end of May with the arrival of our 12th child – a little girl).Parenting all of these phases and situations isn’t easy, there are times when we wish we could use a “one size fits all” approach to parenting but that doesn’t work and in the end it won’t help our kids grow into the people God has designed them to be.Maybe you don’t have one in diapers and one ready to graduate at the same time, but we are still in the same boat.To me, this does NOT mean CONSTANTLY, but on occasion, and for sleeping THROUGHOUT the night.Now, I'm ASSUMING that it's for sleeping, NOT for laying in bed, right?

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Two are still in diapers while two are beginning to date!

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