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Nick then suddenly appears and slams the zombie into the ground.Moments after he strangles him, Nick is bitten, and Juliet then intervenes by slicing the zombie in the mid-section.Thus dos punim means "the face" (neuter) and der birger is "the citizen" (masculine).Not every noun is listed with its definite article: this page is a work in progress and is occasionally updated.The audience is first introduced to Juliet, an 18 year old Senior Student at San Romero High School.when the camera encounters a young woman, awakening in her own bedroom, who is aware of the audience's presence, and thus proceeds to introduce herself, before speaking in a provocative manner.

In this Glossary an attempt has been made to use the most common spelling variant.

Since Yiddish, like German, has three genders, it's important to know the noun's gender.

The nominative definite articles are: Der, masculine; dos, neuter; and di, feminine (or plural).

After agreeing to split up, Morikawa teleports into the Courtyard, while Juliet stays in the Cafeteria.

Juliet then finds a stack of dynamite, disguised as a large birthday cake.

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Later to their dismay, a zombie enters the helicopter, and causes it to crash land near the front gates of the school.

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