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How can control in anorexia nervosa be understood in the framework of perceptual control theory?

A theoretical systematic review and What is the meaning of perfectionism for clients with eating disorders? Investigation of gibberellin signalling and the effect of n-acyl homoserine lactones on germination in Physcomitrella patens and an investigation of the interaction between PGE2 and Phospholipase B1 in a Cryptococcus/Macrophage Infection Model.

and How do psychologists experience working with staff in residential care settings for people with a learning disability?

The role of fathers in the development of eating disorders: a systematic review of the evidence AND A phenomenological exploration of the influence of anorexia nervosa upon the interactional dynamics within the family system.

Investigating the initial molecular interactions between hepatocyte- like cells with the extracellularmatrix and hepatic sinusoidal endothelial cells and The loss of LAR inhibits the activation of the PDGF receptor by NHERF2 via the PKC δ pathway.

How do people with autistic spectrum disorder experience their relationships with others?

AND Can adults with asperger's syndrome learn about positive attachment behavious between parents and young babies through the use of a DVD?

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