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But it admitted that, in parts of the show, contestants, sellers and experts effectively act out for the camera what has already happened, for example choosing the goods and striking a deal for them.

Mr and Mrs Samuels from March, Cambridgeshire, snapped up bargains at Peterborough Showground in March which went to auction in Cambridge in April.

Letterman's show, for which NBC had cancelled three game shows to create a space for back in June 1980, did not draw good ratings and only managed a total of eighteen weeks of episodes (and was cut in length from 90 minutes to 60 minutes midway into its run) before NBC decided to return to a more traditional morning lineup.

For example, if the letter P was chosen, a sample question might be: "What 'P' is a herbivorous North American mammal whose body is covered with thousands of bristles called quills?

The solo contestant played behind a red desk while the family pair played from a white one.

The game was played on a board that consisted of four interlocking rows of five hexagons each.

If the solo contestant missed, only one member of the family pair could attempt to answer.

If both teams missed the same question, a new one was asked using the same letter.

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He also claimed that experts tell them what to buy, rather than just help them. On the BBC1 show, which turned presenter David Dickinson into a household name but is now hosted by Tim Wonnacott, two teams of two contestants are each given £300 to spend in an hour at an antiques fair.

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