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In addition, hibernation and the use of new USB devices will be impaired until a restart is issued. You don't yet see the PBA page as the Drive Encryption software is not yet active on the client.

You have to allow the file and printer sharing and ICMPv4 echo request on the inbound connection of the Windows Firewall.Best practice: When using global updating, schedule a regular pull task (to update the Master Repository) at a time when network traffic is minimal.Although global updating is much faster than other methods, it increases network traffic during the update.It is safe and risk-free to restart the client system during encryption.When the client system is restarted and Drive Encryption is first activated, the user should log on with the username that matches the user attribute set in the Ldap Sync: Sync across users from LDAP task and the default password of 12345 (this is the Mc Afee default password which can be changed in the User Based Policy) in the PBA page.

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You can also specify which packages and updates initiate a global update.