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The tagline for second company I opened is that we want to evoke the same emotion that you’d feel listening to a beautiful piano melody as you would tasting flavors you’ve never tasted before.

Elijah: I can definitely attest to the fact that Jamie is a talented cook.

Even though I wanted to do music, culinary school seemed like the more practical way to go.

I graduated and was working at the college when Elijah was in his program.

I handle all the production and Jamie handles the vocal writing, but that’s become intertwined in the last year.

But we don’t just write for ourselves, we write downloads for other artists. We determined that we were going to be artists about a year ago, and we decided to go all in.

I couldn’t hear past her voice anymore—everyone else I heard was sort of underwhelming. He takes the music I want to do to the next level, and hopefully the same is true on Elijah’s end. I was in culinary school for two years at the same college.

Elijah: Obviously I’d love an SSL desk or something, but that’s just about affording stuff [laughs]. I don’t do too much live stuff, and all the live stuff I do I tend to go into a studio and record kick drum samples and use them later.

So I guess there’s nothing I really need in terms of live recording.

With two singles released, “Wouldn’t Be Enough” and “Stone Heart,” I recently spoke with Elijah and Jamie by phone about home recording, their songwriting process, and how the two came to make music together.

Elijah: I was taking an engineering/production program at Algonquin College in Ottawa.

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It was hilarious to see how many musicians were at the culinary program.