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In recent months, we have seen merchants and agents report fee increases and unexpected fees.

Additionally, representatives of Heartland have stated that all of the company’s sales staff are internal W2 employees who undergo background checks.Heartland was acquired for .3 billion by Global Payments in December 2015.It is unclear whether the merged companies intend to absorb the Heartland brand into Global Payments Inc.Aside from complaints about agents, there are a handful of reports (and at least one lawsuit) from merchants indicating that their fees were suddenly raised without notification. In this particular case, the merchant “told [the sales agent] I would try his company but I would not sign a 3 year contract.[The agent] said no problem.” Later, however, “they told me I signed a 3 year non cancellable contract and I would be charged 5.

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However, this rate increase only affects merchants whose initial three-year contracts have expired and who have seen significant reductions in their sales volume.

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