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Dating pet names

“It allows both people a certain freedom from the normal constraints of adult roles,” says Professor Frank Nuessel of the University of Louisville.

And another reason we call each other “babe,” “sweetheart” and “sugarpuff” (or your term of endearment of choice) is that doing so taps into our innate desire to play.

Pressure Of course that is assuming that you find a pet name that you both like and there are actually a lot of politics at work when it comes to the choice of a pet name too.

In fact, some couples can feel quite a lot of pressure when it comes to choosing a pet name.

Particularly when the names are actually ‘playfully’ insulting (Mr Fart Bottom does sound sexy).

Falk believes that the reason people in relationships use pet names for their partners is because they’re harking back to their own childhood experience and to their first love, their mother.

So it’s a natural way to bond with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

If your partner knows you as ‘Sweetie Moose Pie’ then, this is going to instantly change the way they see you.

They may not mean it to happen but suddenly you’ll become a loveable, cuddly character in their eyes which is all good and well until you want to be taken seriously or until they’re talking about you to their friends.

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“Baby,” “honey,” “sweetie.” No, hearing other couples call each other such names used to make you shudder.