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Cosmopolitan dating quiz

I believe that trying to engineer the results is what threatens our freedom. Personally I'm glad I wasn't able to vote yet (I turn 18 in 6 months) because I would not have known who to vote for...however either way I respect him as my president and every other American citizen should.

You don't have to listen to everything people say, nor get mad about it. The Russians beat Hillary by interfering in your elections; and you people believe that he won fair and square. But, you see, many people don't realize the brutality of the United States. As for Trump, I respect his leadership qualities: his drive, relentlessness, boldness, firmness, etc.The point of the United States is to hate our authorities and make them give us, the people, more power.So far, our experiment is failing miserably since our very beginning. Surely the US has had its ups and downs (currently trending downward) but this seems like a pretty far reaching overstatement.He won the fifth time any president has in history. except that I may add, that Trump is not a real person, either. They actually bombed a mosque in Iran when they weren't doing anything. Respect that Trump is president, even if that's not what you prefer because hey, unless he gets impeached or killed, he will be our prez for at least 4 years. I never said I didn't acknowledge Trump being president. Plus, I do realize the brutality of the United States. All I do not respect is merely the substance of what he has tried to enact.He hit 270 electoral votes before Hillary but 2 million more people voted for Hillary. Trump won, deal with it, I don't really care if you reply to this, or if you boycott all my quizzes. I respect many Presidents' leadership qualities (form), but at the same time not what they actually did (substance).

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I can only pray that the sensible and great USA annexes us before I die. Someone in Wyoming's vote is worth more than 3 times that of someone in California! There's only 1 person to vote into office - it's a First Past The Post race so why isn't the most basic voting system used?