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You will have to shop around for the most favorable terms, asking for information like rate options (fixed or variable? Find out how much private student loan debt you must have in order to qualify for consolidation, because that can also vary.

Often a cosigner is willing to help in the short term, but reluctant to commit to decades of responsibility for your loan.

This is where you apply for one new loan that pays off your existing student loans and leaves you with only one monthly payment.

It’s interchangeably referred to as student loan consolidation or refinancing because you are essentially doing both.

Voluntarily make three consecutive payments on-time and in full on the defaulted loans(s) prior to consolidation.

Your credit score will have no impact on your eligibility for this program, or on the interest rate of your Direct Consolidation Loan.

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But how are your options for consolidation or refinancing affected when your credit isn’t the best?

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