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Cambodia house wifes sex life

Nor are second marriages always driven by love on the part of men; in a nasty sexual assault case last year, the alleged rapist offered to marry his victim as his “second wife” as a form of compensation.

“Second wives” who are willing to share aspects of their personal lives including photos of their husband and children on social media will be routinely labelled “whores”.

but the first wife is also sick,” Chhuon says, suppressing a cough.

On the rocks Not all relationships involving multiple wives are as civil, and many are socially condemned.

Multiple marriages are common in the Kingdom, though they are rarely talked about openly due to a mixture of secrecy and stigma.

Instead, the understanding that certain men have many wives simmers just below the surface of Cambodia’s cultural consciousness.

Despite the circumstances, the pair quickly grew to love each other.

But when he met Chhuon, Yoeun did not want to divorce Ty. In a small ceremony with close relatives, Chhuon and Yoeun prayed to their ancestors. For Yoeun, now 66, taking a second wife rather than keeping a mistress was also taking the moral high ground. Yoeun and Chhuon know their relationship has not been embraced by all their fellow villagers.

“Sometimes when I am sick, there is no one to take care of me, because my children are away …Despite being illegal, the practice of taking multiple wives is common but seldom discussed.While often powerless themselves to get out of relationships, women sometimes must share their husbands – a situation fraught with social stigma.She regained her eyesight after the assault, but she still fears the first wife who remains at large and her relatives.“They threatened to shoot me dead if I appear in public,” she says.

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That same law, however, has multiple elements that are routinely ignored.

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