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The one exclusion to this rule is the Custom Validator component.You can validate the following server controls: Text Box, List Box, Drop Down List, Radio Button List, and the following HTML controls: Html Input Text, Html Input File, Html Select, and Html Text Area.There are various validation controls availabe, and we will cover them in the rest of the article.All of the validation controls derive from the Base Validator class, giving them common methods and properties. Html Controls; namespace Web Data Validation When the user clicks the Cancel button we clear the Text Box control and allow the user to start over.There are good reasons to always execute validation checks on the server.

Malicious users might circumvent client side validations in an effort to break-in or damage your servers.

The cancel button has a Causes Validation property. As we mentioned in the beginning of the article, validation can occur twice: once on the client’s machine and once on the server. Client side validation provides quick feedback for the user.

Validation occurs when a user clicks any Button control by default, but you can change this behavior by setting the Causes Validation property to false. Whenever the user presses a button on the form, the script executes the validation checks for each validation control on the form.

Drag one Text Box control and give it an ID of First Name Text Box, two Button controls (Submit Button and Cancel Button), and one Required Field Validator (First Name Required Field Validator). The following screen shows the form in action, and the user has pressed the Submit button without entering any text into the textbox. The Required Field Validator fails when the value in the associated control matches the value of the Initial Value property of the Required Field Validator.

This Required Field Validator forces the user to enter text into the control associated with the validator. If you want to make sure the user changes a default value placed into the control, set the control’s Text value and the Initial Value property of the Required Field Validator to the same value.

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