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Best friend dating ex wife

I can't get past it because I still love her as much as I always did .One of my main problems was showing the affection she needed and emotions.Reply Hi,even though I have heard all this from my therapist I still can not get past it.My wife and I were married for 30 years together 33 years.I guess it depends on who gets dumped and who did the dumping. .nothing else it will prepare you for a better situation. Then to be informed that "at least I am a good father! Please explain somebody how this can happen to someone who would have given his life to her. She has left me in mass amounts of debt but I still love her so much, I gave her 4 years of my life and she just binned me and now it's put a gap between me and my daughter as I work allot'I supported her and her son my stepson on my own wage for 3 out of the 4 years we was together she was short for nothing I had everything and now I'm so lonely it's caused me mental illness the lot absolutely heartbroken how some women can just switch off Reply That's just it.I, who got dumped, and keep hoping that she'll take me back, remember many happy moments. " After 22 years together, those words cut me like knife. Some people have the ability to keep from getting as deeply emotionally attached as others.You find yourself enjoying life and thinking less and less about him or her. Instead ,she told me she wanted a divorce and moved out a week later,found out she was with a guy from work,she has now been with 5 guys so far now living with 1 ,each a clone of each other,charged our son 12 with sodomy on our 4 year old ,which dcf dropped .It’s a little sad, in a way, and you almost miss that pain, just because you lived with it for such a long, long time. There’s nothing better than that moment you look in the mirror and think, “Wow, look where I was a year ago, and look at me now.” Divorced Guy Grinning is a blog for men facing divorce and dating after divorce. Has not seen our son In 6 months but texts him every now and then.

She keeps telling the kids, "We are all going to be happier now", but I keep thinking that only she is. Be very kind and friendly, but distant-like an acquaintence/business associate. I am somewhat older than she and had just retired, only to have my life turned upside down and inside out. I have had to learn the hard way (several times) that you "never go full retard". But, as you so aptly stated, some people just have the ability to flip that switch and be done.

I was unfaithful to her and maybe not a good decision to inform her that I was unfaithful to her.

Earlier in the marriage she told me she was unfaithful and begged for forgiveness, which I did.

But instead of listing them, I am going to offer: 6 things to do if you NEVER want to get over your ex The beauty about getting over your ex-wife/husband is that it happens when you least expect it (in my opinion.) All of a sudden, you realize that you didn’t cry today. Reply I do pray , Doug I want my family back together.

And then two weeks later, you realize you haven’t cried in a week, and then in a month and then 6 months. I wish mine was like yours and would have given us a chance.

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Our marriage was not a good marriage and she definitely could have been a better wife but also believe she never loved me in the first place.

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