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Andrew critelli dating

To simplify navigating, only the headings for these subsections are initially visible when you scroll through this page.The content of the subsections are hidden (so that the beginning appearance of the page is similar to a standard syllabus) until the viewer clicks on a subsection heading, then its contents will appear.The course readings stress the foundational sociological literature on gender inequality.Each week we will all look at some common readings.The topics below address key analytical questions facing any serious effort to understand and explain gender inequality.

However, most of the links have the DOI number or the JStor number listed at the end of the citation (or a generic, non-NYU link is embedded in them which can be extracted for use elsewhere).

While this organization is helpful for negotiating the page most of the time, it can be an obstacle to searching the page (for example, for a particular article) as searches on a web page will ignore any hidden material. it is possible to reveal all the hidden sections at once by clicking the symbol at the top, right corner of this page.

(Simply reload the page to collapse all the "hidden" sections to their usual look).

Still, we face many as yet unanswered questions and find it difficult to reach consensus about the meaning and implications of much that we have discovered.

The accumulation of contentious knowledge has made mastery of this field challenging, with the unfortunate result that many people today rely on arguments and explanations as flawed and simplistic as they were a half century ago.

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The core materials focus on the most important works and ideas offering analytical insight into these questions.